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Takeaways from the 2024 International Mass Timber Conference

Takeaways from the 2024 International Mass Timber Conference

This year’s International Mass Timber Conference took place at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland March 26–28. It was a welcome opportunity to meet with many architects, builders, engineers, suppliers, and industry professionals, and we came away with several important points that we will reference moving forward.

Preparing for the Unknowns

There’s been more discussion lately about the importance of early engagement and planning with specialty trade professionals. As more projects integrate mass timber with steel and/or concrete, it’s critical that all trades remain in communication with one another during the early stages of design. Decisions made then will set the stage for everything from material procurement lead times to timber fabrication and installation timing. It’s never been more important to seek the input of an experienced mass timber fabricator and installer in the early stages of a project.

Job Site Moisture Mitigation

Moisture mitigation on mass timber job sites is vital, but planning and executing it has lagged as the surge in timber construction continues. Careful planning is required to overcome this challenge, so it’s imperative for mass timber suppliers to make builders aware of the importance of managing water on the job site.

Navigating Material Lead Times

Scheduling mass timber material purchases, deliveries, and site logistics requires intense attention to detail as well as knowledge of procurement strategies for a variety of timber components. As mentioned above, getting early input from a mass timber fabricator will provide a clearer picture of realistic timetables for a given project.

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