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Make A Timber Frame Home Work for You

Make A Timber Frame Home Work for You

Building a new home is a big project that can quickly become overwhelming. If you’ve decided to build a timber frame home, it’s important to think about how you live to ensure your new timber frame home meets your needs. Determining your lifestyle is essential to getting the most out of timber frame floor plans.

Things to consider when planning for timber frame homes:

  • Will you live in your new timber frame home or is this a vacation home?
  • Do you enjoy expansive porches or do you like a cozy, covered area?
  • What’s your ideal timber frame entry?
  • Do you want a first floor master suite or do you prefer a second story room with a view?
  • Do you appreciate open timber frame floor plans for entertaining or are separate rooms more your style?
  • Do you enjoy cooking and entertaining in your kitchen?
  • How important is natural light and experiencing nature from the inside?
  • Do you know the cost to build a timber frame house?
  • Do you already have your timber frame floor plans or do you need to purchase pre-made timber frame floor plans?
  • Are you looking for custom timber frames or a timber frame kit?
  • What is the timber home cost per square foot compared to traditional home construction’s cost per square foot?

Timber frame construction allows for great flexibility, which means the sky truly is the limit when it comes to design. Finding a custom builder with experience in timber frames or timber frame manufacturers, are essential for making sure the timber frame home you build will bring you years and year of happiness. Read more about our process to determine if timber frame construction will work for you.

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