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Outdoor Timber Frame Construction

Outdoor Timber Frame Construction

Why Timber Frames Are What You Need in Outdoor Living Spaces

Plans for 2020 may not be turning out as you had planned, especially coming up on this summer season. Staycations are the new normal, and with that, you will need an outdoor space that allows you to forget you’re just in your own backyard. That’s why outdoor living spaces are becoming almost as important as indoor living spaces with outdoor timber frame construction. Outdoor living spaces can extend the floor plan of your home if you’re pressed for square footage, improve your health by allowing you to connect to nature, and add an overall increase to the value of your home.

Pavilions, porches and pergolas are ideal for outdoor living spaces, providing a stylish and inviting backdrop for entertaining and relaxation. Love entertaining by the pool but get tired of constantly going inside for food, drinks, and other supplies? A pavilion with an outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition for you. Have stunning views but can enjoy them only from indoors? A porch or deck can provide added space to soak them all in. Need some shelter from the sun? Consider adding a pergola.

Timber frame construction can be used for outdoor projects both large and small. Timber frames offer a warm welcome to guests and add an extra element of style to your home, and they are uniquely suited for all types of outdoor-living structures thanks to the strength, flexibility, craftsmanship and durability of the wood. The benefits of custom timber frame construction offer versatility and uniqueness that cannot be matched by timber frame kits. So don’t let the question be “Why timber frames?”; let the question be “Why not timber frames?”

Probably the most popular outdoor timber frame construction project is a pavilion. Pavilions don’t have walls and allow for full exposure to the surrounding landscape, with protection from the elements thanks to a roof. Our timber frame pavilions are designed with all-wood mortise—and— tenon joinery, leaving the timbers exposed for a perfect visual setting. Depending on your needs, we can easily customize any timber frame pavilion to better match the vision for your outdoor living space. If you love to entertain, a timber frame pavilion with features such as stone fireplaces and outdoor kitchens might be in the design. We believe designs should be custom and not left to just timber frame kits.

So why do timber frame pavilions cost more than say standard wood or vinyl pavilions? The amount of wood required for timber frames makes them more expensive than their wood or vinyl counterparts. Also, the mortise—and—tenon style of building requires a much higher level of engineering and expertise to complete. These factors combine to make a timber frame pavilion cost much more than standard wood or vinyl, but they also make for a more durable outdoor structure.

If a timber frame pavilion isn’t right for your outdoor living space due to size or budget, a timber frame pergola or timber frame porch may be right up your alley. Pergolas allow for an open roof design and are nice additions to walkways or gardens as passageways and seating areas. A nice touch to any timber frame pergola is to plant climbing flowers or vines nearby, to add additional beauty to the structure. Pergolas do get the most sun exposure, so it’s encouraged to use a dark stain on the timber frames for more protection and longevity. Pergola designs are easily customizable and we prefer not to leave the build to pergola timber kits.

Another option for outdoor timber frame construction is to include a porch addition to your home. A timber frame porch is a great extension of your indoor living space, such as a living room or kitchen, as it can help achieve the sense of bringing the outdoors inside. A timber frame porch provides an outdoor oasis for enjoying gatherings or barbecues while remaining protected from the elements.

 All of these timber frame structures provide an opportunity to increase and beautify your home’s outdoor living space. Especially if we’re told we need to continue to stay at home, you’ll want to make sure your outdoor living spaces are prepared to socially distance and entertain. From poolside timber frame pavilions, to outdoor kitchens and dining areas, to rooftop or garden timber frame pergolas, our team has the experience to make your project a success. If you need a little inspiration when it comes to design, visit our project gallery to view timber frame pergola and timber frame pavilion designs. At Mid-Atlantic Timberframes, we’ll work with you to design a timber frame pavilion, porch, or pergola that complements your outdoor living.

Timber frame pavilion

Poolside timber frame pavilion, with additional pergola extension.

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