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Is a Timber Frame Home in Your Budget?

Is a Timber Frame Home in Your Budget?

5 Ways to Save on the Cost of a Timber Frame Home

Before starting the process of designing a timber frame home, it’s best to know your budget—or at least a ballpark budget. You’ll want to keep it in mind as you begin to make your list of design wants versus design needs. Timber frame home prices vary due to the custom-build aspect of them, and they do cost more to build than stick-built houses. And while we want you to have everything you’re looking for, sometimes the final turnkey cost to build a timber frame house does require some budgeting. Here are some ways to make sure you’re keeping the cost to build a timber frame home down.

  1. Land: While it might seem like a no-brainer, make sure you own the land you want to build on and that it’s suitable and/or zoned for construction. If you don’t own the land, factor the purchase cost into your budget. Then, consider the accessibility for timber frame construction. The more secluded and difficult to access your land is, the more the cost of getting construction trucks and materials to it will go up.
  2. Design Complexity: Find someone you trust to bring your timber frame home plans to life. A trusted partner will understand you have a budget to keep in mind and won’t point you in the direction of complex designs that aren’t attainable. Using a designer or architect with the right experience in designing timber frame home plans will ensure that your home is designed properly for you to achieve cost savings in both the short and long term.
  3. Hybrid vs. Full Timber: Do you want a full timber frame home or simply timber frame accents? If the latter is what you had in mind, then a hybrid timber frame home will certainly keep the cost down. While a full timber frame home is on many people’s dream lists, it’s not necessarily the most cost-conscious if you are on a budget. A hybrid timber frame will certainly give you the design feel you’re going after while still being able to incorporate more affordable conventional framing.
  4. Species of Timbers: There are a number of wood species to choose from. You’ll want to work with your designer or timber frame partner on selecting the best wood species for your budget. Eastern white pine, Douglas fir, and red cedar are popular choices, and their availability and cost will depend on the delivery location. But, if you have a specific request for a custom wood species, know that it might add to the cost of your timber frame home.
  5. Be Realistic: If you’re really looking to keep the cost of a timber frame home down, be realistic in your finishing fixtures and the number of rooms you’ll need and actually use. Plan for upgrades down the line. Prioritize your “must haves,” like your preferred vaulted timber frame ceiling, and then save the deck addition for down the road.

Timber frame home prices vary based on the choices you make. There will always be ways to keep the cost of any home project down, and there will always be items you may have to give up in order to achieve that magic budget number. But hopefully some of these tips can help you achieve the feel of a timber frame home without going over budget.

If you aren’t sure where to begin in determining your budget based on timber frame cost per square foot, please contact our team today. We’re more than happy to develop plans for you and provide a preliminary estimate to show the cost of your timber frame home.

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