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Why Partner Your Designer with an In-House Timber Frame Fabricator?

Why Partner Your Designer with an In-House Timber Frame Fabricator?

Any and all efficiencies are welcomed on a project, and timber frame builds are naturally no exception. But where can those advantages be found? Shortcuts in material quality is a non-starter; expert manpower isn’t cheap; time savings are rare; and mother nature plays a huge role in meeting any deadline. There is one aspect, however, that can bring a host of efficiencies: partnering your designer with an in-house fabricator to produce all your timber frame components.

With a dedicated in-house fabricator, projects may realize several benefits:

  • Tailored Design & Customization – In-house fabricators can collaborate closely your architect to customize timber frame designs according to specific project requirements, tailoring their solutions to ensure the frame meets unique architectural and structural specifications.
  • Timely Project Completion – In-house operations often lead to faster productions times. Without the need to outsource fabrication, delays may be eliminated as coordination between different stages becomes one seamless flow of work. And, an in-house fabricator who specializes in timber frame construction will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to a project, which enables them to foresee and avoid time-swallowing pitfalls that may have been overlooked in the design and planning stages
  • Streamlined Communications – With one point of contact for fabrication, immediate feedback can be given and adjustments made to address any unexpected issues. Direct communication between the design team and fabricator also helps to facilitate quick decision-making and problem-solving, which eliminates the types of delays that come from slow email responses and missed phone calls.
  • Quality Control – As In-house fabricators maintain control over the entire fabrication process, it’s easier to implement and maintain strict quality control measures. Regular inspections and quality checks ensure top-tier craftsmanship from start to finish. And, because every build is the sum of its parts, using components of the best quality helps complete the best quality structures.
  • Cost Efficiency – Using a single fabricator eliminates third-party markups and outsourcing costs, which is music to a PM’s ears. Efficiencies and optimized processes that are learned from experience not only give time savings, but may contribute to budgetary benefits as well.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability – Sudden changes in design or project scope can be difficult for multiple vendors to react to, causing delays and confusion. One in-house fabricator can more easily adapt to plan adjustments without significant disruptions or additional costs.
  • Seamless Integration with the Construction Team – Close collaboration between the fabricator and construction team enhances coordination and integration during the building process. As the two parties work together and build trust, a long-term relationship may arise that will lead to an easy understanding, a sense of partnership, and better synergy on future projects.

Finding efficiencies in the building process benefits everyone involved, from start to finish. Enlisting the services and talents of an experienced in-house fabricator to collaborate with your designer can lead to savings in cost and time, and make the entire process go smoothly. Before moving forward with your next timber project, consult the fabrication experts at Mid-Atlantic Timberframes.

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