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Timber-Framed Commercial Buildings

Timber-Framed Commercial Buildings

When someone thinks about a commercial construction project, visions of steel and concrete likely dance around in their head. Fewer people think about timber commercial buildings that utilize natural resources like timber. But the sophisticated style and energy efficiency that come with timber frames make them the perfect building material for more than just residential construction. Heavy timber frames offer a softer and more flexible aesthetic that you cannot get with concrete and steel.

Benefits of Heavy Timberframe Construction

So why else should you consider a timber frame building with the renewable resource of wood over concrete and steel? Heavy timber wood has a stronger sound-dampening capacity than most commercial building materials. The natural acoustic properties of timber frames prevent and control excessive echoes, reducing the transmission of sound vibrations through absorption of sound waves and thus providing the acoustically sound commercial building solution you’ve been looking for. With that in mind, timber frames make the perfect material for commercial and municipal building projects alike.

In addition, the strength, versatility, and durability of timber allow for more open spaces. Thanks to timber frames’ ability to span large distances, fewer interior walls are needed to support the building itself. Also, timber-frame construction is still built using strong mortise-and-tenon joints, capable of withstanding extreme amounts of pressure. The tried-and-true craft of timber framing marries well with the mass timber building style to elevate any commercial structure to the next level. 

Timber-framed commercial building ideas:

From community gathering spaces to restaurants, breweries, and wineries, more and more commercial builders are opting for heavy-timber commercial construction. We have the capability to help bring your ideas to life for any kind of timber-framed commercial buildings. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or builder, consider Mid-Atlantic Timberframes for your next heavy-timber construction project and contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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