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Design Timber Frame Home Plans

Design Timber Frame Home Plans

How do we make a house a home? We design and create a warm and inviting space by paying close attention to the home’s floor plan. There are so many ways to go about designing timber frame home plans, but many will agree there are some fundamental things that must be included. The easiest route to take when building your custom timber frame home is to follow a templated or conceptual floor plan. While this is a great way to give you a starting point, these timber frame home plans leave very little to be customized in the end. 

With that being said, our first fundamental piece of advice to design timber frame home plans is to consider your lifestyle. How will the space be used? Is this going to be a part-time residence or permanent residence? It may seem obvious, but you’ll want to make sure a timber frame home or timber frame structure is well suited for you and your family. If a timber frame home is your first or last home, a floor plan that allows for generations to come will make the design process easier. 

Besides understanding your own timber frame lifestyle, another way to make sure you’re designing an inviting timber frame home plan is to make sure the rooms and spaces flow together. An open floor plan is probably your best choice with a timber frame home. When the kitchen, dining, and living spaces are all connected, it naturally creates an inviting space, with seamless transitions for everyday living and entertaining.

Our last piece of advice for customizing timber frame home plans is to not forget about the outdoors. Whether that means adding a deck, pavilion, pergola, or party barn to your property, including the outdoors as part of the main floor plan creates an extension of your living and entertaining space. Depending on where your land sits, the outdoor addition could bring the element of nature inside with natural sunlight or hillside or mountain views. Embracing your natural surroundings is a major advantage of the timber frame lifestyle you’re about to build. 

Here at Mid-Atlantic Timberframes, our expert advice will help when you’re ready to design timber frame home plans that works for your lifestyle needs and wants. We’d welcome the opportunity to see how we can help bring your vision to life, so contact us today! 

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